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Great things are not done by impulse, but by a series of small things well brought together.

The undisputed success of the company is due to the fact that ITEA International has placed importance on the development of its activities.

Three features which explain why Itea International stands out among all the other telecommunication engineering companies being:

  • The capacity to define with the customer what exactly is required of the plant from the point of view of services, quantity, reliability and quality;
  • The capacity to incorporate these requirements in a complete and well coordinated project;
  • The capacity to carry out a project as designed and agreed upon with the customer.

The obtainment of the above targets, in the light of innovative areas with high evolution of the technologies in the telecommunication sector, can only to be achieved with a dedicated focus on research and development and creating an outstanding group of engineers with the main scope to join and collaborate with customers, suppliers and representatives.

In an extremely competitive technological market, the quality of the products and service offered takes top priority.

Leaving aside the usual clichés so typical of the industrial world, we can say that ITEA International has always laid emphasis on the Sophisticated installation techniques and strict quality control of materials used and implementation.

The Company Quality System has well defined rules and procedures to guarantee a prime quality level capable of fully satisfying the expectations of the customer.


In 1996 at the eve of TEP-6 Project in Saudi Arabia, in order to take part in the enhancement of Saudi Telecom Arena a Joint Venture was formed, the joint venture was very successful and more than 2600 km of Long Distance Fiber Network is been installed and commissioned

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