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TABUK Office

+966 1 4644275
In ITEA International, everybody knows that our main capital is the expertise of our man power. We are also aware that only cooperative people can do great things. For these reasons ITEA International takes care of all workers at any level, providing benefits, proper salary and a friendly environment to work in. ITEA International places a high emphasis on employee welfare. ITEA International believes that every employee must have a chance to grow, and to show his capabilities and to reach his full potential within the Company hierarchy. ITEA International’s key personnel have been together since the early days of the company and have developed from good beginnings, into a strong diverse team who’s skills compliment eachother, thus ensuring the consistent delivery of high quality of service. ITEA International places high importance on the development of local resources and optimizing the talent available within the Kingdom, as such our Saudi employee’s engage on intensive training programs to ensure a strong local knowledge base of the emerging technologies. We believe this investment enhances ITEA International’s future prospects and contributes to the knowledge transfer to the Kingdom’s young talent.
  • ITEA International,
    Building 216, Prince Mamdoh Street Tabuk, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.
  • Fax: +966 1 4655305
  • Email: iteageneral@iteaint.com

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Email: iteageneral@iteaint.com
Phone: +966 1 4644275
Fax: +966 1 4655305
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In 1996 at the eve of TEP-6 Project in Saudi Arabia, in order to take part in the enhancement of Saudi Telecom Arena a Joint Venture was formed, the joint venture was very successful and more than 2600 km of Long Distance Fiber Network is been installed and commissioned w...

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